• August 18, 2015
  • anitha.narayanamurthy
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Weight-loss Made EASY

The most common question clients ask me is there any easy way to weight-loss?  I guess its important I answer this to all those who ask me as well as those who hesitate to ask me. The following will help you with an understanding on how to look at weight-loss.

  1. Weight-loss is a process or a journey and Good Health is the Destination. So if you think weight-loss is your destination its time to rethink. People starve and lose weight in 1 month or 2 months only to gain double the weight.Which means short-term weight-loss doesn’t last long. If you have ended up putting on weight it’s not just because of unhealthy choices or sedentary lifestyle or heredity but also your relationship with food. Define your relationship with food even before starting your weight-loss journey.Confused? Keep a Food log and note down what you eat when you are depressed, when you are upset, when you are happy, when you are frustrated, when you are irritated.If you identify this your weight-loss is EASY!! You can’t diet your worries away. Find the root cause and work on them. A healthy and happy mind leads to Healthy YOU!
  2. CHANGE one habit a WEEK. If you skip breakfast start having them. If you snack after dinner avoid them. If you eat more carbs for lunch substitute with proteins. When you change one habit a week you will not only stick to them but also be able to appreciate the overall health changes that happen. For example a person who doesn’t drink enough water when starts drinking water will be able to see the difference in their skin within 2-3 days. A person starting to have more fibre can see the changes in bloating of stomach and digestive issues. Someone having more proteins can appreciate the reduction of hair fall and healthy skin and the list goes on. These small changes act as a motivation factor to stick to the changes and gives more confidence to make changes as well.
  3. People who come for weight-loss put themselves through a lot of psychological abuse. They can be really hard on themselves, with a lot of criticism and negative self-talk. This leads to over-restrictive dieting, then self-punishment when they realize their unrealistic diet is not sustainable over the long term.And the next is feeling guilty about eating anything and everything and also willpower.Weight-loss has nothing to do with willpower  but everything to do with Self-Acceptance and compassion towards oneself. The more you accept your body the easier it reacts to the changes you make. Next time the inner voice says you cant do it just let it be its all a part of your weight-loss journey. Instead of giving up to you inner voice change your self-talk.
  4. Tell your family that you are willing to lose weight even before you start. A supportive environment is more important than the decision itself. People around you will find ways to tempt you, sabotage you and its difficult to continue in a situation like that. Instead make them a part of your weight-loss and they will not only help you but also motivate you when you feel it’s not happening. They may also love to follow your path and be motivated to stay healthy.
  5. Finally sleep well. Sleep deprivation leads to hungrier people, increases over-eating and craving. Eight hours of undisturbed sleep in the night will help in fat loss and prevent from lean mass loss. Getting enough sleep lowers your cravings, keeps your mind calm and also helps you make healthier choices of food.

We all would love weight-loss to be easy and it definitely is easy if seen as a journey. You not only want to lose weight but also keep it off forever. This can be achieved only through changing  your eating habits and not by any fad diets that are not sustainable.

Think twice before self starting a diet. Cutting calories is not the solution for sustained weight-loss!!