• January 17, 2020
  • anitha.narayanamurthy
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The Make at Home Hair oil for all Your hair issues

The most easily available ingredients in your kitchen can help you reduce hair fall, premature greying, Dandruff and improve hair growth. Below is a combination that can help you with your hair issues

Mustard oil-Rich in good fats, selenium and beta carotene helps in nourishing the hair and the scalp

Coconut oil– The age old hair oil ingredient rich in fatty acids and vitamins absorbs easily and adds a natural shine to the hair

Aloevera- Known for its moisturizing effect and vitamin E nourishes the scalp and keeps the hair frizz free

Fenugreeek or methi seeds – Nourishes the hair follicles and improves blood flow in the scalp as its rich in vitamin B3

Curry Leaves– Presence of vitamins A, B, C, E, phosphorous and iron which have excellent antioxidant properties and help in reducing premature greying of hair and also prevent hair loss.

How to make this Oil

500 ml Cold pressed Mustard oil

200 ml cold pressed pure Coconut oil

1 long leaf of Aloevera chopped

3 tbsp Fenugreeek or methi seeds powder

3 tbsp of curry leaves powder

Take about 200 ml of Mustard oil and Coconut oil and heat it and add the chopped Aloevera leaves and let it turn brown. Filter this oil into a clean glass or steel bottle add Fenugreeek or methi seeds powder, curry leaves powder and rest of the oil and let this infuse for 1 week. Take the required amount and warm it a little and apply on the scalp and leave it overnight or atleast 2 hrs and then wash with a mild chemical free shampoo twice a week for good results.

PS: Along with healthy diet, exercise,sleep,required hydration and positive thinking this oil will work best.

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