• May 20, 2020
  • anitha.narayanamurthy
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How Your Phone or Tablet or Laptop use just before Bed could be Killing you

Since the lockdown the number of people complaining of sleep issues have gone higher. Most people complain of sleeplessness. Earlier the excuse was I run a busy schedule I don’t get time to sleep. Unfortunately since the lockdown though there is time people are sleeping less.Do we really blame our busy schedule for it or should we be blaming our habit??

We do have something to blame on after all, the smart phone and tablets and laptops. Yes you heard it right they not only mess your sleep but also REDUCE YOUR ALERTNESS WHEN YOU ARE AWAKE!!

A recent study published in Boston Women’s Hospital said that people reading or viewing a light emitting device supresses the melatonin hormone which is required to be produced so that we sleep well. This hormone is produced only when the light is dim or dark.Lack of good quality sleep can have serious repercussions on our body ranging from Diabetes, hypertension,cardio vascular issues to cancer.

Hence avoid gadgets ONE hour before bedtime. Instead read a physical book or write a gratitude journal or do breathing exercises or meditate before sleep. It will not only improve quality of sleep but also bring about changes in your mind body and soul.