Eat What You Love,Love What You Eat!!


See every disease as an imbalance, and work on correcting that imbalance to repair, prevent, improve functioning and enhance health.

We are not looking for a quick fix or selling a magic pill, we are instead focused on helping our clients harness the power of the human body to repair itself using lifestyle.





Achieve your health goals that are sustainable with customized health care plans created by our integrative team of healthcare professionals, with a focus on addressing the root cause to prevent and manage a variety of diseases and lifestyle conditions.

The key benefits of the Wellness program:

This program is designed to instill a deeper sense of well-being and health. The key
benefits of this particular program are:
• Personal attention: Benefit from a holistic and an integrative
• Four-pronged approach Focus on the four pillars to health: Balanced
nutrition, adequate exercise, quality sleep, and emotional well-being.
• Addressing the root cause and not suppressing symptoms: Identify and
address the condition right from its root and not just symptomatically.
• Consistent reporting and updates: Review progress and discuss challenges
week on week.
• Effort to create a new attitude and sense of self: Improve your quality of life
and sense of well-being.
• Inculcating new habits and a healthy lifestyle: Learn ways to mindfully
manage your lifestyle in spite of your routine and busy schedule.

Price and package options for the Wellness program

We offer two packages for the benefit of our clients. Both packages include all key
benefits and features listed above

• Customized food plans are created taking into consideration your work timings,
travel plans, availability of ingredients, allergies, and so on.
• Regular detox plans are shared as required to help support your body’s repair
mechanisms, thus steering you in the direction of good health.
• Your coaching revolves around the four pillars of health: quality sleep, balanced nutrition, emotional detox, and adequate
• Once your programs ends, a one-time maintenance guideline document created
and is shared with you, which will help you
continue on your journey to good health.
Please note that this is an online program and is open to participation from
anyone globally.
• WhatsApp chat support is available from Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
• Different time zones other than Indian Standard Time will be handled accordingly.

Package variations:

• One video call is scheduled at the start of the program and every week either a video or voice call will be scheduled


1 Months Program -Rs.5000/-

2 Months Program - Rs.9000/-

3 Months Program - Rs.12000/-

4 Months Program - Rs.15000/-

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