The quest for nutrition started after the birth of my second child. Being slim and energetic all through my life to deal with obesity was emotionally very stressful.Little did I know that stress was leading to more fat cells.This ignited the spark to priorities Health and I started by educating myself in Holistic Nutrition and then discovered my passion towards Health Coaching.Health is not just about following a diet and exercise routine, it also is about the mind and the small lifestyle changes you make.

Gradually started working towards it by inculcating 1 habit change at a time.Starting with Nutrition changes, exercise routine, managing stress, making healthier choices etc.Weight loss was a byproduct of these small steps which I followed to achieve my goal of good health.My learning is consistency, perseverance, long term plan and passion are the essential ingredients to good health.

Overall a positive mindset, good nutritious food, a well-balanced exercise routine coupled with lifestyle changes can make you healthy, wealthy and wise.